Adding a product or service

Please see “Adding a product page” in “Information” pages:


If you have any doubt or suggestion to improve the process just write us an email.  We appreciate all feedback.


What is a product or service from the social solidarity economy?

Some shared values are:

  • Equity. To foster diversity and reject any kind of  discrimination by sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, country of origin, functional diversity, age or ethnics.
  • Not to maximize profits, but a comprehensive sustainability: economic, environmental and social.
  • Environmental sustainability. Make a balanced use of resources.
  • Community and territory compromise. To be part of the territory and community, to participate in it in a positive way.
  • Decent work conditions. Safe and healthy working environment.
  • Democratic decision making. Horizontal and participatory management.
  • Transparency. In accountability and decision making.
Adding a product – Business owner?

Select “yes” only if you are the business owner. The business owner can later edit the post.

How does listing claim by owner work?

If someone who is not the owner of the listing adds it to Soceania, this text will appear in the sidebar: “Business owner?”

If you want to edit the information of your business, select “Business owner?”  fill the form and you will receive a link to edit your post. Notice that first you have to be logged in your account.

Remove my business

If you don’t want your project to appear in Soceania, please let us know with an email to and we’ll remove it.

What is Soceania?

Soceania is an open platform to promote products and services from the social solidarity economy. It also focuses on added values like landscapes and building links between producers and consumers.

One of the main demands among producers is visibility, to strengthen dissemination so that consumers can reach their products. We want to help as we can to link consumers with producers who are working within equity, respect, and all the values of the social solidarity, and to bring new producers and consumers. And of course enjoying the view along the way, with fabulous landscapes instead of plastic seas.

Every time we buy we decide which kind of economy we want to support, we hope Soceania can help making the decision.

Who is Soceania?

Soceania is a network of individual people interested in social solidarity economy who believe in the potential of this producer-consumer relationship as an alternative economic model.




There are different ways to support this initiative:

· Add your product or service to the database.

· Add a product or service you know (owners can edit later).

· Send us information about a production landscape.

· Advertise. Get more visibility via advertisement and you’ll help us keep Soceania updated.


Which products and services can be added?

Products and services from those producers and service providers that share the values of social solidarity economy:

  • Equity.
  • Not to maximize profits.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Community and territory compromise.
  • Decent work conditions. 
  • Democratic decision making.
  • Transparency. 


Image size

The images uploaded should be 300×200 px.

Multilingual listing

To have you product or service both in English and Spanish (for now), log into your account in both language versions and create the post separately.


When a product is sold in different stores, you can enable franchises so a customer can know where he can get it.

· When adding a new product, select “Enable franchise”,

· You can block certain info you don’t want to be changed by other sellers.

· In the product’s detail page (right sidebar menu), select “Add franchise”

· In the product’s detail page, a tab “Franchises” will show with all the places (up to 5).