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  • Perennial

    A 501(c)3 social enterprise, Perennial is a community workshop and store in St. Louis, MO that offers educational programming in creative reuse to diverse populations and sells handmade DIY kits and tools for reuse projects. We turn trash in to amazing items and teach the community to do the same! Read more

  • Advocafe

    Advocafe is a non-profit and social enterprise in support to the Indigenous Peoples efforts for sustainable living. Advocafe has a lot more to offer than just a hot cup of coffee. 100% of its net proceeds will support initiatives on: Partnership and Capability Building for Farmers Sustainable Livelihood Education for Read more

  • Plowshare

    Plowshare is a non-profit organization, which means we do not have an owner… we like to say that we are owned by our community and run by a Board of Directors which are all community volunteers.

  • Arcaduz Cerámica

    Arcaduz Cerámica es un proyecto familiar, resultante de la afición de las hermanas Rayado: Maria, Rosa y Montse, por el moldeado del barro y su decoración artística. Una afición a la que recientemente se ha sumado también Aurora, hija y sobrina de las hermanas Rayado. Arcaduz Cerámica es un lugar Read more

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