What is Soceania?

Soceania is a platform to promote products and services from the social solidarity economy. It also focuses on added values like landscapes and networking between producers and consumers.

Join us and help spreading social solidarity economy! Write us at info@soceania.com

What can I find?

Producers and service providers that share certain values: equity, not to maximize profits, environmental sustainability, decent work conditions, horizontal decision making, transparency. 

“Social solidarity economy is an ethical and values based approach to economic development that prioritizes the welfare of people and planet over profits and blind growth”. RIPESS-Global Vision

  • Anyone can add a product or service. Just login and tell the world, owners can edit later.
  • Location based search. Find around your current position, at home or when traveling.
  • Wholesale.  To widen the production, we need to identify and promote the ingredients.
  • The site is under revision and development. Please let us know any improvement suggestion.

Interview-talk with Daniel Tygel (FBES, RIPESS, EITA)

A talk with Daniel Tygel about Solidarity Economy, Brazil, profits and more.

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Who you support.

The landscapes & seascapes.

Find more here. Add yours here.

Find many alternatives to conventional production

Producing in a social and environmentally aware way has many added values. Enjoy the view.

Hombres y Mujeres Libres. Carlos Noro. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


A project related with production as much as on the integration of people who have been deprived of their freedom.

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Soul Fire Farm. NY, EE. UU

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